Thursday, May 21, 2015

How Did Samsung Infringe on Apple? Court Makes Samsung Pay

We know how many different Apple vs Samsung patent infringement files are in courts. The two companies are constantly filing against each other trying to fine millions of dollars. There was a recent court decision you might be interested in which makes Samsung pay a lot to the iPhone creator.

How did Samsung infringe on Apple? According to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, Samsung violated the iPhone creator’s patents and design. Apple tried to persuade judges that its rival also infringed its trade dress of the iOS smartphone. Still the court believes that this hasn’t happened because the iPhone trade dress is impossible to protect by patents and designs.

Samsung infringe on Apple patents can make the company end paying nearly $550 million to its competitor. The iOS giant filed for nearly $1 billion in damages but this cost has been reduced because of miscalculations. Besides, the original fine contained over $380 million for iPhone trade dress violation but since this is not the case any longer it is minused off the final fine.

Just as we mentioned, the appeals court decided to reconsider the trade dress part of the fine and reversed the Judge Lucy Koh earlier decision. What does this mean? Every company markets its products and packages them similarly and this is what trade dress is. It is hard to protect how you package your iPhone or other smartphone to customers and thus the court believes that Samsung hasn’t infringed this part of the fine.

Samsung still thinks that the fine it has to pay is unjustified and too big. The court thinks everything is justified with the exception of the iPhone trade dress.

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