Friday, May 8, 2015

How to Extend Apple Watch Battery Life [Useful Tips]

According to Apple, its average Apple Watch battery life hours are around 18. Still some users are using it more heavily and thus their batter doesn’t last for the whole day. If you stress your wearable with long conversations and workouts you might need to use some tips and extend the gadget’s performace.

These tricks are simple [you can also fix issues with fast battery drain on iOS 8.3 iPhone] and allow saving some power during the day. Note that when you want to save your battery life you’ll have to limit the gadget’s performance because all the power-consuming services will have to be off.

How to Extend Apple Watch Battery Life

* Select the Simple clock face that consumes the least power and don’t use animations if you need the battery life to serve longer.

* Disable Haptic feedback and limit the incoming notifications. You will be surprised at how much your battery will get.

* Make the screen darker and your OLED display will draw even less power. You can do this through Settings where you can play with Brightness & Text Size.

* Install and use only the apps you really need. If you get too many programs they will have a big impact on your battery.

* No games. Just don’t play and use your smartwatch as the watch if you really need the battery to last longer at the moment.

* If you are not working out you can disable wrist detection which can be done through Settings - General.

* Use as little complications as possible. It is better to not use the ones that rely on location info and pull down data. Stay with static complications and you’ll preserve your Apple Watch battery life.

* Use less motion. It is better to disable animations that make the gadget so attractive and live.

* You can enable Do Not Disturb mode or use Airplane Mode.

This list can be continued but you got the idea. When you wish to extend battery life on the Apple Watch you have two choices. Either disable everything you can and the wearable will become just the watch or… carry the charger with you and use it when you are running out of battery life.


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