Saturday, May 30, 2015

How to Fix Crashing Messages App on iPhone Caused by Arabic Characters

A lot of users report iPhone message crash Arabic issue when their Messages program doesn’t work after they receive a text message with Arabic characters or Unicode [the Cupertino-based giant is already sued for the previous iOS 8 iMessage bug]. Apple shared the official workaround guide on how to fix this problem.

Because of the iOS 8.3 firmware bug iPhone message app keeps crashing and a lot of users can’t do much about it but to restore their smartphone. Is there a need to restore or can you find another iPhone message crashes fix?

Apple is aware of the issue. The company has already published an instruction with steps on how to fix crashing Messages app on its smartphones. The iOS giant promises to release a software update with the fix but till then you can follow the guide below and solve the problem manually on your gadget.

How to Fix iPhone Messages Crashing

Step 1. You’ll need your personal assistance’s help. Please ask Siri to ‘read unread messages’ on your device.

Step 2. You need to respond to the message that contains Arabic symbols using Siri. Just ask it to reply.

Step 3. After the respond is send you should be able to launch Messages app without a crash.

Step 4. Inside the program you should swipe left. This way you can delete the messages thread. If you want to delete only one message that causes the problem you can click and hold it while selecting More and deleting it from your messages.

Step 5. You should have no issues with the iOS 8.3 Messages now unless someone sends you the malicious message again and cause the app to crash one more time.

Please note that the guide above is only a temporary fix to the problem. The final fix should be presented in the next iOS 8 update.

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