Thursday, May 7, 2015

How to Force Quit Application on Apple Watch [Instruction]

Is there a way how to force quit application on Apple Watch? This new device has a lot of problems [the Watch can cause skin irritation, you can suddenly drop it because of the faulty locking mechanism etc.] but it is not buggy in terms of software. Still sometimes you might need to use this measure because you never know when some apps start to malfunction and won’t close the ordinary way.

When you choose to force close Apple iWatch app it will be shut down and you’ll get back to the smartwatch face [you can learn how to change Apple Watch Home screen or follow wearable name change instruction]. This is not difficult so you’ll have no problems.

How to Force Close Apps on Apple Watch

Step 1. If the app you are trying to close doesn’t want to listen to you and continues running or it is frozen, you should click-hold your Watch Side button and wait till you see the power down menu above the open application.

Step 2. You can now release the Side button.

Step 3. Press on the Side button once again and keep holding it till the rogue application is forced to shut down. It will take a couple of seconds and you’ll see your Home screen.

You see that it’s easy to manually force close Apple Watch app but don’t use this method too often. If you see that the application gets faulty or rogue everytime you launch it you are advised to delete it and find an alternative from the long list of applications that support this device.

If the glitch is gone after you restart the program, everything is cool and there is no need to delete it.


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