Friday, May 29, 2015

How To Install iPhone Battery Usage On Apple Watch

This post will show you how to install iPhone battery usage on Apple Watch. Unfortunately, the wearable device can’t tell the battery percentage of the iPhone it is connected to. This lack of support for telling the battery usage of its tired device is pretty odd. However a developer has an effective solution as Apple offered none.

Battery Monitor app is one app which Apple should take a good look at and question its own developers housed at the Cupertino camp. Developed by Tom Etminan, the app has a clearly defined purpose and that is to tell users just what exactly is the battery situation on that iPhone in their pockets.

According to the developer, the app install iPhone battery on Apple Watch and will launch instantaneously on your wearable since it’s built to be light and fast. You can enable the app in Glances and swipe up on your watch face to bring up the iPhone’s battery status.

The percentage dial is animated and carries different shades for certain limits. It also displays a low percentage warning alert and also status that inform you that the iPhone has been fully charged.

Currently You can grab Battery Monitor for free on the App Store. But the developer sais that it may not last that long, and that new features will be added as an update to the app.

So if have wearable device you can install iPhone battery usage on Apple Watch with Battery Monitor app. It is really handy to see the battery percentage of the iPhone, not taking it from pocket.


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