Wednesday, May 20, 2015

How to Quickly Hide Mac Desktop without Deleting Icons and Files

A lot of users have desktops that are cluttered with a big number of files. It doesn’t look neat and sometimes you might like to know how to hide Mac desktop icons and documents or learn how to get rid of cluttered looks [you can also unlock your computer with iCloud password]. There is a tool that makes everything so simple you’ll be surprised at how beautiful and organized everything can become on your OS X computer.

When is it important to know how to hide Mac desktop with a click? If someone enters your room or office and you don’t want the person to see your desktop you can easily hide it. This might be very handy at some moments, besides the program we’ll talk about is free to download and use so you don’t risk paying money and ending with a useless tool.

How to Quickly Hide Mac Desktop without Deleting Anything

Step 1. You should find one great app called Shade. You can download it from the Mac app store and install on your OS X machine. This is completely free of charge.

Step 2. Shade will add a leaf icon to your toolbar once you launch it.

Step 3. You should click on this icon when you need to quickly hide the desktop.

Step 4. It is possible to change Shade image to any wallpaper you would like to appear on your desktop. Just drag the image onto your toolbar’s Shade icon and it will be changed.

This is all very easy and the new ‘desktop’ you’ll get with a click should always look great and clean. Shade form of OS X desktop has no items and icons on it. It doesn’t delete your original Mac desktop. It only hides it for you.

Remember that this tool doesn’t remove any extra items you save on the desktop. So when you wish to clear everything, you’ll have to do this manually.


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