Wednesday, May 6, 2015

How To Record iPhone Display On Mac Using QuickTime

If you ever need to record iPhone display on Mac you’ve probably searched for an application that will let you do it. But if you have an Apple computer with OS X Yosemite and an iOS 8 device, you can record video from your iOS device using QuickTime.

How To Record iPhone Display On Mac Using QuickTime

If you need to create a guide for dominating Mortal Kombat X or introduce your new jailbreak tweaks, recording a video of your device’s screen is essential. To do it with ease you will require an iOS device running iOS 8, a Mac computer with OS X Yosemite, and a lightning cable to connect your device to your computer.

Step 1. First connect your iPhone to computer.

Step 2. Launch the QuickTime application. In QuickTime, tap File -> New Movie Recording.

Step 3. In the video window tap on the south-facing arrow next to the record button and choose your iOS device under the Camera section.

Step 4. If you need to record audio, you can do so by picking your device under the Microphone section in the drop-down menu. You can use quality headset or use the device’s built-in microphone to record your audio.

Step 5. Push the record button and your Mac will begin recording whatever you do on you iPhone. When completing recording process, click the stop button. The finished video of your recording will open automatically. After record iPhone display on Mac process you can also save the video to your computer for further editing and sharing.


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