Thursday, May 14, 2015

How to Stop Duplicate Files on Mac for Photos [Instruction]

If you are looking for Mac OS X duplicate photo finder you can use the guide below and prevent duplicate files on Mac. With the newest Yosemite operating system users got rid of the iPhoto app and instead got the Photos application for this particular OS X. It replaces the iPhoto and works similar to it but it likes to copy everything you import. As the result, you get duplicates of photographs on your computer.

Before you delete duplicate photos on Mac you should find them. This is very easy. Besides, you can turn off the feature and make OS X Yosemite 10.10.3 create no duplicates which makes your job so much easier as you won’t have to search for these copied files and remove them.

How to Stop Duplicate Files on Mac

Step 1. You should firstly back up the files you have. This includes both video and photo files.

Step 2. Launch the new Yosemite Photos app.

Step 3. Choose Preferences menu.

Step 4. You will see Copy items to the Photos Library option which you have to uncheck.

Step 5. That’s it. Now you can import photographs to your OS X Yosemite but they will not be copied to the Photos app. In other words there will be no duplicates for the files you copy on your computer.

This is so simple. Even if you are not an advanced user you can still follow the instruction above and disable the option that might drive you crazy. If you are ok with having some images copied and duplicated you can leave the feature on and not change it.

Since it takes seconds to turn off the option you might enjoy disabling it and enabling back when you need to copy the files to the Photos from your computer during their import. Hopefully you won’t get OS X Yosemite photos duplicates any more.


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