Friday, May 8, 2015

iOS 9 Features Rumors Mention iPhone with Apple Watch Interface

The new Apple Watch that is running special iOS 8.2 version brings new feel to the line of Apple products. It has some unique options and interesting features that are not present on the current iPhone and iPad models. iOS 9 features rumors mention some Watch specs that might become available later this year on the smartphones.

These iPhone 6S specification are things a lot of users might dream about. However this doesn’t mean that the next handset we’ll see with be the iPhone with Apple Watch interface. Take a look at what we would love to see on the next-generation iDevices.

iPhone with Apple Watch Features on iOS 9 Platform

* Digital Touch on iOS 9 iPhone 7

This cool feature could make messaging ever easier and faster through sketches and taps.

* iOS 9 Complications

The iOS wearable has Complications option that gives fast snippets of info right from your lock screen. Something similar might come to the future iPhones.

* Clear All Notifications Feature

Imagining iPhone with Apple Watch interface you could only dream about being able to remove notifications with a tap. While this is possible on the wearable it could also work on the next smartphones.

* Daily Activity Monitor

The current iPhone 6 Plus and 6 cannot track your workout and movement, and the Watch can. Maybe Apple will bring tracking fitness to its next smartphones. It might be great to have an iOS 9 based Activity application that can do as much as the wearable right now.

* iPhone 6S with Force Touch

Some experts believe that Force Touch will be exclusive to iPhone 6S Plus model. This option in the Watch allows simple distinguish between long press-hold and a tap. It is a sensitive spec that could be present on all eighth-gen smartphones.

* Special Dark Mode

We most likely won’t see OLED displays on the iPhone but the Cupertino-based giant could bring dark theme to its iPhone 6S specification to make it more comfortable using the handset in the dark.

What iOS 9 features would you like to see in the fall?


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