Friday, May 22, 2015

iOS 9 HomeKit Rumors Promise Unexpected Features

With June arriving soon there are more iOS 9 features rumors that appear on the web. Experts and analysts predict different options and unexpected future for the next mobile operating system for Apple devices. We’ll know if some of the rumors are real in a couple of weeks since the Cupertino-based giant should unveil the new firmware during WWDC event.

Some experts believe Apple will offer some iOS 9 HomeKit management for home accessories through virtual rooms. If you live in a smart-house with a lot of smart-enabled objects you could get a chance to control them remotely using your iOS 9 device.

This platform might be able to handle different HomeKit hardware, for example, Apple TV and even your lights or garage door. The households that do not have the ‘fruit’ TV might want to purchase it in order to take advantage of the iOS 9 Home application. The rumors come from unnamed sources so they do not guarantee everything.

Customers who install the next iOS 9 or most likely purchase the next generation iPhone with ATV running this firmware could be able to control distantly thermostat and other gadgets within their Home through the Home program and within HomeKit. You’ll be able to voice your commands and HomeKit devices that are compatible with the firmware could obey.

We’ll learn more about Home application for iOS 9 during Worldwide Developers Conference that is organized in early June.

Apple TV should serve as a hub that will connect all your HomeKit gadgets. All smart devices will be found wirelessly and users would be able to create and set up virtual rooms in the home with multiple screens that help discovering new applications and HomeKit devices.

Some expert voice the idea that Apple will not demonstrate its iOS 9 Home app in June and will take time to introduce it later, in the fall.


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