Sunday, May 31, 2015

iOS 9 Siri Upgrade Rumors and Most Wanted Features

We will see the final iOS 9 free download sometime in the fall. Apple is about to present this new firmware for iPhone and iPad during WWDC event in June. Developers will test it during the summertime getting new beta updates and then the company should release the public version to everyone. Is iOS 9 Siri upgrade coming?

Siri is one of the features that is expected to get an update in the new operating system for mobile devices. The full list of iOS 9 features is still kept in secret. We’ll learn about a lot of options in a week or two from now. Till then we can only dream about the new options and voice our wishes.

Besides getting some of the Apple Watch options iOS 9 is believed to improve Siri. This assistant might finally be able to work without internet connection. A lot of users will be happy to get offline support for this service.

The company might also bring the support for third-party applications allowing devs to use Siri APIs while creating their programs. What else could you wish for? Some people might enjoy being able to access Siri through text query. Will Apple bring such an option to iOS 9 or not? We might learn this as early as June or will have to wait until the official software update release in autumn.

Siri could also get multi-language support, enhanced ‘Hey Siri’ feature without the need to connect to the power source, expanded intelligence and awareness with the possibility to analyze different situations etc. There are so many ways this personal assistant can be improved to help even more.

How will Apple upgrade it? Do you have your personal expectations of what you would like Siri to do in iOS 9?


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