Thursday, May 28, 2015

iPhone 6S Rumors Specs Mention Sony 12MP Camera Sensor

The new iPhone 6S rumors specs mention the new camera sensor. It is believed that the Cupertino-based company to get Sony GRBW 12 megapixel camera sensor. It should appear in both 6S Plus and 6S [also known aka. iPhone 7] models.

The information about iPhone 6S Sony camera sensor appears in the report created by HIS analyst and media from Japan. Will Sony really cooperate with the ‘fruit’ device maker and make 12MP sensors for its smartphones?

Using the RGBW special pixel technology Sony creates smaller pixel size allowing Apple to also enhance its sensor’s low-light quality. The current iPhone 6, 6 Plus and earlier smartphone versions have the RGB camera sensors that support the traditional Red, Green, Blue pixels. The Sony product also gets the White pixel that is capable of making low-light photographs much better because it can absorb much more light.

If Apple truly makes this work, its next eighth-generation handset won’t become the first smartphone in the world with the RGBW camera sensor. However, if Apple iPhone 6S rumors are real this smartphone could really improve camera performance and win over customers across the world. Motorola already tried to use similar sensor in its handset in 2013 but failed to deliver quality low-light camera performance disappointing consumers.

Apple likes to introduce new and unpopular yet technologies in its products making them highly demanded among users. If the company uses a new feature or option it does everything to make it nearly perfect and easy-to-use. This attracts customers. The group of Apple fans is getting bigger and bigger with millions of customers preferring to upgrade to the next iPhone as soon as it is officially released.

Apple is also expected to keep the True Tone flash setup instead of bringing dual-lens camera to its iPhone 7 line.


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