Friday, May 15, 2015

Is Apple Watch Waterproof or not? Watch the Video

There was a number of tests performed with the Apple Watch. Some experts have figured out whether the iWatch is blending while others paid attention to Watch Sport model scratch resistance assuring that this device can be scratched with ease. Is Apple Watch waterproof?

Now it is time to answer this new question. You know that the iOS wearable can be dropped unexpectedly if you have the faulty locking mechanism. If you have a stainless steel model that has scratches on the mirror here is how you can fix the Watch scratches problem. It looks like your gadget is also secretly waterproof.

Ray Waker blogger found a way how to test the iWatch waterproof capabilities. According to the results of these tests this Apple product is actually waterproof. The gadget survived through the 1200 meter swimming session at a high speed. The only issue the wearable gets when you are trying to swim with it is the inability to accurately read your heart rate. In other words, professional swimmers can wear the Watch while swimming but they can’t rely on its heart beat reading.

Divers in public pools can also wear the Apple Watch on their wrist. The test conducted by Waker proves that the gadget can dive from up to 10 meter high diving boards. According to the Cupertino-based giant, users are not advised to expose the iWatch to huge impacts, but it managed to get unscathed from the tests.

Apple protected its gadgets to work in up to 1 meter of water, however Waker managed to place it under water simulating the pressure of 40 meters of water and the gadget passed this test just fine.

You see that if you happen to go through extreme conditions with the Watch on your wrist it will most likely survive.


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