Friday, May 1, 2015

Is Your Apple Watch with Taptic Engine Problems or Not?

There are numerous Apple Watch issues but this doesn’t make the wearable less interesting to customers. Users continue to purchase this device, still Apple has recently reported about Apple Watch Taptic Engine problems that surfaced right before the gadget went on sale this April. Is everything ok with your wearable or not?

There are so many potential customers that Apple has to push its smartwatch shipping times into June. The issues with Taptic Engine played a big role here because the company faces supply shortages because of this.

There is a report published online that mentions this Taptic Engine Watch problem. This part of the wearable is manufactured by two companies and one of them created defective items as it was found by Apple. As the tests showed the engines supplied by Shenzhen Chinese company called AAC Technologies Holdings Inc. broke down over time. Apple had to scrap completed units because of this issue. This was a hard step but the company took it so you should not receive a smartwatch that has a defective Taptic Engine.

Most of the engines are manufactured in Japan now. But one company can’t produce the required amount of watch parts so it might take long before Apple Watch stock will balance out.

As for the problematic devices, Apple shipped none of them to customers. In other words, everything is ok with your smartwatch and it doesn’t have a faulty Taptic Engine. This news sounds great, doesn’t it?

The engine that caused so many problems is responsible for the notifications you get while wearing the Watch on your wrist.

Are you satisfied with your device or not? Have you had a chance to receive your pre-ordered smartwatch or buy it since it is available for purchase?


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