Wednesday, May 27, 2015

List of iPhone Models without Repair Support from Apple

Apple has changed iPhone repair support status for some of its handset models. What does it mean? If you happen to own the ‘obsolete’ version of the smartphone you will lose repair support in June. This also includes some Mac computers.

All Mac and iPhone models without repair support will get the status ‘vintage’ or ‘obsolete’ – and this will happen as soon as June 9, 2015. If you still have the older device you might like to sell it as soon as possible or upgrade to a newer handset. Otherwise, you won’t be able to bring it to Apple retail store and have it repaired because the company no longer supports this service.

iPhone without repair support cannot be repaired in any authorized service centers as well. In other words, if you still have the vintage handset and it breaks you will have difficulties in finding the provider who could fix it.

The original iPhone will become vintage and obsolete in the United States this June. It has been already obsolete in a number of countries since 2003. If you live in California, your iPhone will appear as vintage because in this area Apple must support its gadgets due to requirements. Everywhere else it will become obsolete.

Both iPhone 3G and 3GS will be obsolete in the U.S., China [learn more about Apple trade-in program in China] and other countries across the world.

Users who still have the mid-2007 iMac [the list includes both 20- and 24-inch models], mid-2009 MacBook Pro [the 17-inch one] or 2.2/2.4GHZ 15- or 17-inch versions will also lose support as their computers will be listed as ‘obsolete’ this summer.

You still have time to visit your mobile operator or local Apple store and get a modern Mac or iPhone that will come with repair support.

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