Friday, May 29, 2015

New iPhone 7 Concept Design Imagines It Alike with Samsung Galaxy S6

We have seen some iPhone 7 concept design ideas that predict the next smartphone to get the Apple Watch features. This time designers were motivated by comparison of iPhone vs Samsung Galaxy S6 device and they brought similar curved display to the next Apple smartphone.

Every handset has its own unique features that make customers choose it over other brands. Apple iPhones are well-known across the world but users also like Galaxy S6 edge and other handsets available in the market. Can you imagine iPhone 7 with curved screen that looks similar to Samsung’s model?

Designer Hasan Kaymak thought it would be interesting to bring the curved on both sides display to the new iPhone 7. Right now such a screen is present on the S6 edge model. Apple is unlikely to copy this idea because it competes with Samsung. Still the idea is new and offers an unusual look at the possible future of the ‘fruit’ handsets.

The iPhone 7 has been redesigned by Kaymak. It got a brand new charging connector. The phone comes with the sleep / wake button being located on the top edge. It also features a thin aluminum shell and updated volume and mute buttons.

It doesn’t integrate Touch ID into iPhone 7 display unlike it happens in the concept developed by Martin Hajek. It offers a fresh new look at the whole idea of the popular smartphone’s mix of styles offered by different companies.

Watch the iPhone 7 concept on video:

How do you find Kaymak’s design? Would you be glad to own the ‘fruit’ handset that reminds of Samsung product? Is the curved display something you might wanna see in the next iPhone 6S or 7 later this year?

Or would you like to see the new Apple smartphone with the flat screen?


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