Sunday, May 17, 2015

New iPhone Air Concept YouTube Video Shows Ultra Thin Smartphone

Can Apple release the new iPhone Air ultra thin? Can this smartphone be ridiculously thin or not? Designers believe that such a device could exist and created a new iPhone Air concept that shows the new-generation gadget that looks very different from the current iPhone 6 and 6 Plus models.

iPhone Air rumors suggest this could be a very thin phone. If you remember, the iPad Air is thin compared to other iPad models. If this idea is to be continued we could get a 4.3mm-thick iOS smartphone.

We’ve heard some other rumors about the next handset from the ‘fruit’ giant. Some suggest the next iPhone 7 would get Apple Watch features. Others believe Apple has to integrate Touch ID into iPhone 7 display. Apple says nothing so designers are only left to imagine what the new device might look like and present their visual ideas to users.

iPhone Air concept YouTube video you can watch shows ideas implemented by SET Solutions:

This looks trendy thin. It also has a 4-inch screen that is smaller than the iPhone 5 and a bit bigger than the iPhone 4S. Could Apple keep up with the larger displays in 2015 or will it truly get back to the small size?

No one knows this right now. We hope to see the next iOS 9 during WWDC in June. Apple is also working on iOS 8.4 [you can even use direct links to download iOS 8.4 beta 3 without a developer’s account and UDID] which could become public later in May.

Once developers get a chance to look at the iOS 9 code they might predict the screen size and other specs of the next generation iPhone line.


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