Wednesday, May 20, 2015

New Safari Exploit 2015 Can Trick Users with Spoof Websites

There is one Safari exploit 2015 that was recently discovered by a group of researchers that can be used by hackers to trick iOS 8 users [even the latest Safari security update for OS X Yosemite doesn’t fix the issue]. The URL-spoofing hole found in the mobile browser can also work on OS X platform.

If attackers get to use the new Safari iPhone tricks or Mac spoofs they can make you think that you are on the trusted site while you are truly visiting an address that might contain malware and dangerous files.

Safari tricks iOS 8 are not new. Knowing about possible danger is always good because it makes you attentive to what sites you are visiting. Still the latest exploit can create links to well-known sites that only look familiar. When you visit the link you in fact go to a completely different URL which was created by hackers.

Researchers have explained how the discovered trick performs. You cannot be now sure that you see the link to one of the popular newspapers or other trusted sources as it can be masked through the exploit and you might only think that you see this link because behind is a hidden link to a different malicious website.

It is curious to note that this exploit works in Safari only. As researchers figured out through tests and experiments it doesn’t work on Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox. Since hackers might create fake PayPal link in Safari browser on iPhone, iPad or Mac you are advised to make all the payments through other browsers or someone could steal your money with ease.

Exploit users JavaScript to lead your Safari link to a different URL that can be reloaded into an URL you didn’t mean to visit. Hopefully the new exploit will be soon fixed by Apple in iOS 8.4 update. The company is already working on this operating system release.


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