Monday, May 25, 2015

New WatchKit SDK Release Coming in June: Apps to Run Directly on Apple Watch

All the apps that are now running on the Apple Watch are actually only displayed on this device since their code is running on the iPhone. New WatchKit SDK release could change this because it make allow different third-party programs to run right on the wearable device.

Some current users who have both the smartphone and the smartwatch say that often the load times for third-party applications are very slow. Those who get frustrated with the issue just decide to use the iPhone for a lot of things. WatchKit SDK update can make the process faster because once the apps start running directly on the Watch they should launch and load much quicker.

WatchKit is the special development kit created for developers. It allows creating applications for the Watch and developers are hoping to see its update during Worldwide Devs Conference that takes place on June 8-12.

This year the WWDC event is running in San Francisco. The iOS giant is believed to introduce the next iOS 9 and OS X during this conference, and analyst Trip Chowdhry has hopes that the company would update its WatchKit version to help Watch applications run on this wearable instead of being tethered to user’s handset.

We’ve also hearing rumors about Apple improving its wearable. The company might soon unveil the new service Find My Watch [here are the thoughts on whether the iWatch needs Activation Lock or not] that will be similar to Find My iPhone. Users hope that the famous giant would also allow using third-party Watch Complications and other features that will add more customization opportunities.

The company recently presented the first Apple Watch OS 1.0.1. There is still no information from the jailbreaking community so we don’t know if and when it could be possible to jailbreak the wearable and install tweaks on it.

With the WatchKit update the jailbreaking will sound even more thrilling and exciting, won’t it?


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