Friday, May 15, 2015

Samsung S6 Active Photos Leaked In Internet

The Samsung S6 Active photos have just hit the internet before its release. With the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge having hit the market, the Korean giant looks to get prepared for the launch of the Galaxy S6 Active; the company’s more rugged smartphone after the Galaxy S5 Active of last year.

While Samsung keeps silence about what the phone would look like, the latest leak of pictures reveals all outward device's characteristics.

Just few days ago the Internet saw what the S6 Active could look like in a leaked image. And yesterday Evan Blass (@evleaks), a well known source for devices leaks has just tweeted some press renderings of the Galaxy S6 Active which appear to be AT&T branded, suggesting that the pictures were part of some future marketing effort by the carrier. There are an AT&T logo at the back of the leaked device and the presence of the Galaxy S6 Active marking.

From the leaked pictures we can say that Galaxy S6 Active will feature two different colors: white and black, with a digital camouflage pattern running on the back of the device. Talking about the design perspective then it seems that there is no major changes as Samsung retains the Galaxy S5 Active’s aesthetics to mould the S6 Active, including the physical buttons.

The device will be water and dust proof, typical of the Active lineup from the company and should include pretty much every feature the Galaxy S6 has to offer but this does remain unconfirmed though. What the S6 Active will be missing out on for sure, will be the fingerprint Sensor, with many remaining skeptical about support for wireless charging as well.

If look closely to Samsung S6 Active photos you will notice that the speaker seems to have been moved to the back yet again as opposed to the Samsung S6 and S6 Edges’s bottom mounted one. This device seems to feature a significantly larger battery than its conventional counterparts, given the overall larger size of the device, but this notion remains unconfirmed as well.

Currently Samsung doesn't say when the Galaxy S6 Active could hit the markets, and there is no word about the phone price.


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