Friday, May 22, 2015

Serious Find My iPhone Bug Shows Up Old or Unknown Devices

Users report a new and serious Find My iPhone bug that recently surfaced. According to some iPhone owners, their Find My iPhone shows old device or devices that are completely unknown. The most dangerous part of this new problem is that there is a possibility to harm these gadgets.

According to statements from different people who noticed unexpected gadgets in their Find My iPhone mobile application, they were able to either erase these Macs or remotely lock them. The bug doesn’t care if the app shows your or someone’s else computer meaning if your Mac appears on someone’s iPhone he or she might completely erase your machine, and this will be performed distantly.

If your Find My iPhone shows unknown device you are advised not to panic [by the way, there is a way how to bypass Activation Lock on iPhone]. Experts believe this doesn’t happen to everyone. Only those who haven’t properly erased their computer before selling or giving it to a third-party person can cause the issue as this Mac can surface on the Find My iPhone application.

Even if you wipe the computer or choose to install OS X from scratch this might not delete Mac data and it could appear on the Find My iPhone service. It is advised to also clear your computer’s NVRAM before it gets a new owner as some information is stored here.

Does your smartphone on the website show the unknown Mac? Some users assure they can even see their neighbor’s or friend’s computer and there are no reasons for this. If this problem is not that widespread it's ok, but if it spreads quickly it might be a big headache. Hopefully, Apple will address this issue and users who find unrecognized computers will not erase / wipe them remotely.

Please be very attentive!


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