Sunday, May 10, 2015

Siri iOS 9 to Remind of Siri on Apple Watch

We’ve already seen some interesting concepts of iPhone 6s getting some Apple Watch features. Experts believe that Apple might take a lot of specs and options presented in the wearable and bring them to its next devices and software. iOS 9 rumors now mention what Siri could be like in this next operating system for ‘fruit’ mobile gadgets.

iOS 9 specs mentioned by experts think that Siri iOS 9 could take a lot from the wearable and get similar interface. Personal assistant is different on the Watch and iPhone but it could get a fresh colorful look in the next firmware version.

Most users hope to see iOS 9 release date in the fall but the first beta might be unveiled during WWDC 2015 this June. Developers and public testers will be able to work with this firmware until it becomes public.

Some rumors mention that the next iPhone 6S Plus could get exclusive Force Touch and the iOS 9 Siri could be more powerful and inviting, similar to how it works now on the Apple Watch. It doesn’t mean that Siri will have less options and possibilities. No, it will be just as helpful as it is on the smartphones now, but its interface will be brighter and more interesting.

You know that current Siri in iOS 8 is capable of sending messages, asking questions and setting reminders. Assistants on other gadgets, including Microsoft and Google, can do even more than this, so Apple might improve the program in its future iOS 9 allowing Siri to be smarter than its competitors.

The Cupertino-based giant added some new options to its assistant but ‘Hey Siri’, live dictation support and new language knowledge might not be enough to successfully compete in the fast developing market.


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