Sunday, May 17, 2015

Starbucks Losing Customers Because of iOS App Users' Robbery

Starbucks robbery makes this company lose its customers. The iOS app Starbucks has developed for iPhone and iPad owners is not protected and secured enough [by the way, iPad Air 3 is believed to be stolen from a Cupertino house this spring]. Thus it was possible to thieves to get the money from a lot of users’ bank accounts.

Starbucks losing customers problem has been caused by Starbucks secondary verification system absence and weak passcodes. Some users who downloaded and installed this iOS application on their device ended losing hundreds of bucks from their accounts because of the issues with program security.

It is possible to pay right from Starbucks application and transfer money from PayPal and bank card to others through gift cards. This combination was used by thieves who have been robbing users since December 2014. Bad hackers managed to reload Starbucks gift cards and sent them to their IDs.

Good for consumers who suffered from this robbery is they were able to get their money back. But it took them weeks to proceed and make PayPal or bank to get those charges reversed.

In case you have Starbucks application on your iPhone or iPad you are highly advised to create a strong password. Be as unique as possible. Use lowercase and uppercase letters and numbers.

The company promises to reimburse users of payments they haven’t done but it says nothing about improving the application and protecting customers’ data better. You can also think twice whether you should use this program or avoid paying through Starbucks. Thieves might not stop robbing users with weak passwords or find a way how to hack stronger passcodes. It may be just a matter of time.


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