Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Third-Party Retailers Won’t Sell AT&T iPhone Contract Smartphones

Contract AT&T iPhone sales should soon be available through AT&T stores only. Walmart, Apple and other retailers won’t have the right to sell smartphones with 2-year AT&T contract according to the new company’s policy.

Beginning on June 1, 2015, AT&T iPhone contract models will not be offered by third-party retailers. This includes both local dealers and big retail locations in the U.S. Apple is rumored to change its sales policy and the new document makes it impossible to sell contract devices unless you are the carrier that offers the contract.

Anyone who is looking for the 2-year contract AT&T iPhone 6 or 6 Plus model will have to visit either mobile operator’s online store or physical retail location owned by AT&T. Everywhere else you’ll be able to buy the carrier’s Next plan with an iOS smartphone at no upfront cost. This is common for most networks across the country.

If you want to unlock AT&T iPhone on contract you can still do this distantly, just like it happens with other carriers, both on and off contract. Factory IMEI SIM free method can make you unlocked without pain and problems. Everything is done remotely so you have no risks.

There are first reports on the changes in the policy. Thus, Walmart and other retailers should stop selling contract iPhones locked to AT&T on May 28th. Apple stores should do the same thing as well as other third-party companies.

Next plan, unlike contract models, doesn’t tie consumers into contract. Besides, you can get the device at 0 upfront cost and pay only fees each month. The overall cost would be more because the cost of the iPhone hasn’t been subsidized.

Could it affect customer’s choice on where to buy the next smartphone model? If Apple store doesn’t offer contract models locked to different mobile operators, a number of users might like to purchase the handsets directly from the carriers.

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