Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Vodafone iPhone India Settings / Bill Payment Simplified for Customers

Users who are going to buy or already have Apple iPhone with Vodafone in India might enjoy the new application offered by this carrier. It simplifies the bill payment offering an easy payment method that can be accessed from anywhere on your smartphone.

The new Vodafone iPhone India settings for paying bills are offered with M-Pesa App you can download for your iOS device. This application allows customers loading and recharging their devices using net banking system and debit cards. The company makes it possible to pay not only for the carrier service but for other services as well which includes gas, electricity and landline bills. The mobile payment system can be used right on your iPhone making necessary payments a simple and fast procedure.

Vodafone India bill payment option is available not only for iPhone users but also for consumers who have Android, BB and Windows gadgets. The mobile operator assures its system is secure and safe to use. The new M-Pesa wallet is free to download and install. Having the program on your device makes most payments a one-click procedure.

If you don’t have an iPhone yet it might be a good time to buy iPhone 6 or 6 Plus in India now since Apple offers big discounts on its seventh-gen smartphones. Customers who choose Vodafone network can try to use M-Pesa free app to see if it makes their life easier. When you don’t have to go to bank each time you want to recharge your device or pay bills and instead can just take your iPhone, make a click and be done with payments – you can feel the real freedom of life.

Vodafone is the second major mobile carrier in India. It is very popular here just like the iPhone is these days.

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