Monday, May 4, 2015

Wanna Get Verizon Bill Lowered for iPhone? ‘Go Away’ Verizon Says

Are you using Verizon iPhone? Would you like to get Verizon bill lowered? There is a message from your U.S. carrier. It is address to subscribers and potential customers who would like to see Verizon iPhone price drop before buying this smartphone or using this network. Well, the carrier doesn’t seem to care that much about subscribers who like to have cheaper prices.

Verizon was reporting about its quarterly earnings in the end of April. This was when its CFO Francis Shammo announced that this American mobile network didn’t mind losing users who dream about cheaper prices for data or voice packages. According to Shammo, Verizon customer service doesn’t plan to put any effort into keeping such subscribers and potential customers.

We should say that Q2 2015 made Verizon lose nearly 140,000 postpaid users. A lot of iPhone subscribers and other smartphone owners move away from Verizon and choose T-Mobile, Sprint or AT&T instead. The carrier, however, assures that this doesn’t worry it. Verizon believes that its network is much better than what can be offered by competitors and thus it doesn’t care about losing customers who want to pay less. Those consumers who wish to get better network don’t mind to pay more, Verizon is sure.

Remember that if you are price-sensitive and want to get lower prices from Verizon iPhone network, there is no need to stay with this carrier. If you are unlocked you can easily switch to a different company. Locked users can order Verizon iPhone SIM factory unlock at an affordable price and become once and forever free from the expensive prices set by this mobile operator in the U.S.

Everyone knows that Verizon supports its status of the U.S. ‘premium’ network but T-Mobile and Sprint are following right behind and these companies know how to attract more customers.


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