Sunday, June 7, 2015

Apple Watch Crash Rating Compared to Other iDevices

A number of users performed Apple Watch crash test to prove that this wearable is waterproof. Now it’s time to talk about different crash rates that are always done for different versions of iOS. Even though Apple released native Apple Watch firmware 1.0.1, a big number of users are still running iOS 8.2 that was specifically updated for this device soon after its official launch.

Apple Watch crash rating seems to be very positive. There are some issues with this device. It’s brand new in the market and Apple still has a lot to improve in the future updates.

The number of users who upgraded to Watch-compatible versions of Apple mobile firmware increased in April and May. The device went officially on sale in the end of April and a number of iPhone users who installed iOS 8.2 and above was over 60%. Until April 10 [this is when customers could start pre-ordering their wearable model] this figure was only 51%.

According to Crittercism, right now over 70% of iDevices have iOS 8.3 or 8.2. Apple is also developing the next iOS 8.4 version which is currently being in beta stage. This is not the only information revealed in the report.

The Watch has a very low app crash rate. It’s extremely low compared to other ‘fruit’ devices. Experts believe this is one of the reasons why a lot of users decided to upgrade to iOS 8.2 or later and use the Watch along with the iPhone.

The impressive application crash rates are much lower than the 1% ‘desired crash rate’ – it used to be 0.00833% and it’s now 0.01233%. This can be explained. Most apps installed and running on the Watch actually have their code running on the iPhone. Watch only displays them on its screen.

What do you think about this Watch crash test results?


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