Monday, June 1, 2015

How to Backup / Restore Apple Watch [Instruction]

Apple Watch that was released by Apple this spring is a great extension of your iPhone features, but it works differently in many situations [learn how to restore iPhone photos from backup]. For example, if you are used to backing up your smartphone you still have to learn how to backup Apple Watch and restore it from backup because this procedure is completely different from what you are doing on iOS handset.

Using the backup you can preserve all the information that is important to you. The data will be stored on the iPhone. In case you have to reset the ‘fruit’ Watch you’ll be able to get the saved data back if it is backed up.

How to Backup Apple Watch Guide

Step 1. Since all the backups for your smartwatch are created at the moment you unpair it from your phone, let’s learn how to unpair Apple Watch from the iPhone.

Step 2. You should make sure that the Watch and iPhone are nearby otherwise the backup won’t be created.

Step 3. Take your iPhone and launch Apple Watch program on it.

Step 4. Select My Watch – Apple Watch and choose the option called Unpair Apple Watch.

Step 5. You need to confirm your decision.

Step 6. The unpairing is finished when you get the message that asks to start pairing.

Please note that when you unpair your device all the information is erased from your Watch but a copy of it is saved on your iPhone. Using this copy your Watch can restore all the settings the next time you’ll pair the two gadgets again.

How to Restore Apple Watch from Backup

Step 1. Take your iPhone.

Step 2. Access your Apple Watch application on the phone.

Step 3. Choose the option called Start Pairing.

Step 4. You should be asked to restore from a backup. Do so.

Step 5. When the pairing is done your Watch will restore from the backup copy you have created on your smartphone.

Backup copies you create by unpairing the Watch and iPhone contain various settings [for apps, Wi-Fi networks, general system options etc.]. Unfortunately, you cannot backup your workout information and activity calibration, Apple Pay cards and your passcode.


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