Sunday, June 28, 2015

New iPhone T-Mobile Unlimited Data Cap Introduced for Heavy Users

Users who have the T-Mobile iPhone or iPhone that is connected to this U.S. network should learn the latest news. The company has decided to add a new soft cap for its unlimited data subscribers who are using too much data. This T-Mobile unlimited data cap is very specific.

The mobile operator still has unlimited data plans. They can be subscribed to individually or within the family plan option. Previous iPhone T Mobile unlimited data cap was described as ‘over 97%’ of data used by different users in the congested area. This doesn’t specify the exact amount of data a person can use without being throttled.

Now T-Mobile unlimited data cap has become more specific [by the way T-Mobile unlock app makes SIM phone unlock easy and fast]. The U.S. operator notes that heavy unlimited data equals 21GB. This is the new soft cap outlined for all unlimited iPhone T-Mobile subscribers who are also heavy data users.

What will happen if you need more than 21GB of data in one bill cycle? As T-Mobile notes, all 4G LTE subscribers who are on the unlimited data plan and use over 21 GB should expect the following situation. The company will simply de-prioritize their data usage by slowing down the speeds during the times when ‘competing network demand occurs’ and such thing will last for the rest of the bill cycle in which a user has already used 21 GB of data.

To put it in simple words, you will be throttled by T-Mobile if you are a heavy user and require more than the specified amount of data per one bill cycle [aren't these reasons for unlock iPhone service?]. So don’t expect fast 4G speeds once you use more GBs than you should even though you are officially signed up for the unlimited data plan.

Will the FCC do anything about the changes in T-Mobile’s policy or not? AT&T is forced to pay huge sum of money for ‘misleading users’ and throttling their speeds.

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