Tuesday, June 2, 2015

New Mac Malware Found: Dangerous for Pre-2014 Computers

Do you own pre-2014 Mac? Your computer could be at danger of getting Mac vulnerability 2014, 2015 that was discovered by researchers [also read about Safari exploit 2015 that provides spoof site's access]. The new Mac malware found recently can let attackers install dangerous malware that is difficult to delete and modify UEFI.

What does UEFI mean? This stands for unified extensible firmware interface. If someone can modify it distantly or through the malware, it is not good for both Apple and its customers who could suffer from Mac OS flaw. UEFI replaces BIOS and users can’t access it because this is their security and protection. Well, it is supposed to be.

According to the recent Mac malware news, UEFI is not always locked. When a Mac that was purchased before 2014 wakes up from sleep there is some time to modify its EUFI because it stays unlocked at this moment. The whole thing is temporary but it gives hackers enough time for the attack and access to the system that should be available in other situations.

Such discovery was made by Pedro Vilaca. This researcher assures that attackers could be able to install any malware on the computer and their programs would be difficult to find and delete. Is there a chance to avoid such situations?

Do not allow your Mac going to sleep. This is the security measure that can help you stay safe and protected. When you are using your computer just don’t let it fall asleep. Shut it down when you stop using it and keep awake while using.

What do you think about this possible danger? Apple hasn’t patched the holes in the systems yet and no one knows when the company can fix everything. Since malware can be injected on your machine distantly you should keep an eye on your computer especially if you own the pre-2014 model.


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