Tuesday, June 16, 2015

T-Mobile to Support iOS 9 Continuity Option Over LTE Network

The newly released iOS 9 first beta also brings iOS 9 Continuity option which is a new way of communication. Apple first mentioned this feature back in 2014. The company introduced it at WWDC 2014 but in order to work this option required shared Wi-Fi network. T Mobile business Continuity strategy simplifies everything and makes this option available over its own LTE network.

If you are curious to see what’s offered by the latest mobile firmware, you can download iOS 9 beta 1 through links without registered UDID or developer account. Using iOS 9 Continuity over cellular connection makes texting and calling very simple and fast without the need to have the same Wi-Fi connection.

T-Mobile iOS 9 Continuity support allows routing iPhone phone calls and text messages to your iPad or Mac when all these devices are not connected to the same Wi-Fi hotspot. This is an interesting future possibility that will only work after the official public release of iOS 9 and the new plan T-Mobile should offer in the future [it already offers distant phone unlock app to its subscribers].

The carrier assures that it is the only ‘operator in the world’ that can provide the connection using its own LTE network. The company took advantage of the 2014-announced feature before it becomes public. This way users will be able to text and take calls from computers, iPads and iPhones (whatever is closer to them at the moment).

If T-Mobile Continuity iOS 9 feature becomes exclusive to this operator it will have more opportunities to attract new subscribers and make communication much better. Won’t it be great if you can take only one ‘fruit’ device with you and be able to respond to phone calls and texts?

Right now the new option is present in the first iOS 9 beta. T-Mobile promises it will support it as soon as Apple rolls out the new firmware. All mobile network’s subscribers should be able to use this option.

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