Thursday, June 4, 2015

Users Face iCloud Downtime: Apple iCloud Server Down

iCloud downtime issues happen once in a while. You might remember a strong Apple iCloud server down problem in March. The beginning of summer brings another outage that makes iPhone, iPad and Mac users unable to access the App Store and other ‘fruit’ services.

The new June 2015 Apple iCloud server status showed ‘connection error’ for a lot of users. It is interesting that the official system status page offered by the Cupertino-based giant said nothing about this problem [also learn about iCloud Gmail delivery delay problems]. It kept displaying the green lights meaning everything is working just fine.

At the same time, a lot of users reported that they couldn’t use a number of services because of the iCloud being down. Those who tried to connect to the App Store to download new or update current applications indicated the failure as they were not even able to connect to this popular digital marketplace.

There are lucky users who managed to connect to the ‘fruit’ Store however this connection lasted for a couple of seconds and quickly disconnected. Frustrated iOS and Mac users tweeted their experience and assured that it was impossible to update applications at all.

Some individuals were not able to use iCloud server completely. Its downtime affected not only computers and smartphones but also website that didn’t let some users log in. The issue has been fixed by now but Apple still said nothing about the reasons for this unexpected June outage.

Is iCloud working fine for you? Did you experience issues on June 2? Are you ok on June 3? According to numerous tests, both App Store and have no problems at the moment.

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