Monday, June 1, 2015

Why Text Messages Can Crash iPhone on iOS 8.3?

Could you believe that messages can crash iPhone? We’ve learned that everything is possible and a lot of users who are running iOS 8.3 now experience this unpleasant issue. Apple published a guide on how to fix iOS 8.3 messages bug but the solution is temporary. The question is: why does this happen?

How can Unicode message or the text that contains harmless Arabic symbols and characters crash the smartphone? Does every message that has Arabic text cause the device to crash or not?

It looks like text message crash iPhone problem is faced when the text comes with ‘…’ abbreviation. If the message contains two lines of text the Arabic characters come down the message and this makes the Messages program replace part of it with dots. This happens on your iOS 8.3 Lock screen and within Messages menu.

When the part of the character is replaced with the dot the program should safety check it to not store half characters. However, on the iOS 8.3 updated tool this somehow doesn’t happen or happens but the checks are bypassed making half characters being stored by the program. This is one of the hypothesis voiced by experts.

There is another hypothesis. It states that Messages app can crash the iPhone due to the nature of Arabic characters. According to some users, when you remove one Arabic character this can make the character wider [not narrower as expected] and this could lead to the problems.

These are still theories. Apple hasn’t upgraded its firmware with the fix yet. If you follow the instruction and solve the problem it can return as soon as you receive another message with Arabic text.

Users doubt that Apple would explain the reasons for the crashing. The company is still working on the iOS 8.4 update and this firmware version might also bring the fix.


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