Thursday, July 23, 2015

Apple Music 503 Error Affected Many iTunes Users

During several hours few days ago, Apple users on Reddit were reporting about Apple Music 503 error attempting to play an Apple Music song via iTunes, an error message that says "The shared library 'Cloud Music Library' is not responding."

In their reports users claimed that the error has appeared during playback and also has popped up randomly when no music has being played. This error apparently occurred on Mac and PC desktops and did not affect Apple Music on the iPhone and iPad.

On the picture below you can see the whole error message that affected Apple Music users:

The outage started few days ago and lasted during several hours with some users reportedly were able to reconnect to Apple Music without any subsequent errors.

It was not clear what expertly has caused the cloud music library iTunes error and what Apple company has done to fix the situation for the affected users. Apple’s system status page is not currently reporting an outage, and the daily history does not indicate there was any downtime during the day. Thankfully, users say the error was more of an inconvenience and not disabling as they could dismiss the 503 dialog box and then successfully play a song after trying a second time to play the rack.

Apple Music 503 error was not the first reported Apple Music outage since the service released at the end of June. On launch day, the Beats 1 radio station was down for more than an hour.


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