Wednesday, July 22, 2015

How To Avoid Safari Scam

A new Safari scam affecting Apple’s iOS devices has been recently revealed. This scam attempts to prey on vulnerable users by displaying pop-up message that shows official looking system level alert.

Due to reports from different iPhone and iPad users from the U.S. and the UK this scam blocking their mobile Safari browser and demanding money to fix it. The scam forces the mobile owner to dial a number and pay up to $80 for a fix.

The full pop-up message is shown on the picture below. This latest attempt at extorting money from unwitting users is definitely not one of the most sophisticated ones that we’ve seen over the years, but it arguably looks genuine enough to catapult some less savvy users into panic mode.

The alert looks something like this:

The less than official looking “” website address along with the questionable English structure and grammar should be enough to reveal that this is a 100% scam.

Although, history has proven time and time again on mobile that certain users that faced with such pop- up message will eat with panic and will follow the offered instructions accordingly. The scam comes after calling the embedded telephone number where the caller is then asked to pay a varying fee to fix the fabricated issue.

But happily you can avoid such Safari security scam by disabling pop-ups in the preferences found within the native Settings app on the device. Go to Settings > Safari > Block –ups to toggle the preference ON or OFF.

So if you are experiencing such problem you first need to turn on Airplane Mode on your device followed by erasing all history and website data from Safari to eradicate the issue. After you are done, close Safari from multitasking switcher and turn off Airplane mode.


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