Monday, July 6, 2015

iPhone 6S Production Rumored to Start with Force Touch Included

There were many iPhone 6S rumors that promised different new options to come to this next line of Apple smartphones. We have told you before about possible iPhone 6S Force Touch feature coming up into this handset and it seems that these rumors are to be confirmed by the new predictions.

Apple brought Force Touch to its Apple Watch and experts think that iPhone 6S should get Force Touch as well. According to the latest reports from different sources, iPhone 6S production has already begun.

Is the new smartphone line being already manufactured? It could possibly be. Apple has made no announcements about its next smartphone line during the WWDC. It only unveiled the iOS 9 beta along with the new Mac OS X platform. Later the company released the new iOS 8.4 beta version for testing but said nothing about the future handsets.

The iPhone 6S projected release date is the fall 2015. Judging by the fact that Apple released two models, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, in September 2014 it could just as well present iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus in September 2015. Why not?

The name ‘6s’ has been given by analysts and experts. Apple could use it or hypothetically call the devices iPhone 7. If the gadgets get the Force Touch feature users will get a chance to control applications and interact with different interface elements in a new way.

The same feature is already present in MacBook and MacBook Pro line. If the same option comes to the iPhone devices they would be a bit thicker compared to the iPhone 6 because of the additional features.

The upcoming iOS 9 should also bring a lot of new features for iPhone and iPad owners helping Apple to attract a big number of customers who wish to upgrade or exchange a different brand smartphone to the new iPhone 7.


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