Friday, July 17, 2015

iTunes 12.2.1 Download Available with Some Fixes

Apple offers the new iTunes 12.2.1 download to its customers. You can get fixes to different issues present in the previous version that was unveiled in the end of June. While the version 12.2 came with Connect and Apple Music support along with Beats 1 option it also brought some bugs to these features.

You can get iTunes 12.2.1 update now. The update can be installed through the Updates menu and Mac App Store. What will happen afterwards? Apple promises that this fresh release will fix all the previous problems users had.

For example, some users after installing 12.2 version noticed that their iTunes Match didn’t work properly. It didn’t let signing up for the service or for some reasons deleted music libraries people had.

These are not the only bugs discovered in previous release of iTunes. Some subscribers experienced other problems too. They noticed that this desktop program kept changing their songs and marking them not as Matched but as Apple Music instead. Music is a new Apple project that was unveiled in iOS 8.4 and should be present in the upcoming iOS 9 that is expected in the fall. You can already download iOS 9 beta 3 [this is the most recent testing version available] and see what this service brings and how it is different from Match.

All the changes and improvements offered in iTunes update version 12.2.1 are minor. The Cupertino-based company only solves Beats 1 and iTunes Match issue. The only big change that is present is Beats 1 radio that is built into the music streaming service Apple announced and already launched this summer.


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