Thursday, July 16, 2015

iTunes Match Limit 2015 Grows Up in iOS 9

There are a lot of great iOS 9 features for iPhone users unveiled by Apple. The company also introduced some great changes for iPad owners who can get 4x4 app icon layout once updated to this firmware version. iOS 9 iTunes Match also gets some improvements that all users will surely love. Why?

Music fans always want to store more and more songs and albums. Still iPhones and iPads are limited with space and thus Apple offers iTunes Match as a part of its Music streaming service. Right now Match is limited to 25,000 songs. This will change in the fall after the company releases iOS 9 to public.

The new iTunes Match limit 2015 will be 100,000 songs. This is four times more than current limit and the information has been already confirmed by Eddy Cue from Apple who assured that the company is working on this to happen.

This limit will be pretty much the only change the next mobile firmware version will bring. You can also get iTunes Match independently from Music. These are two independent services Apple has created. With Apple Music you can upload your own songs and match them while iTunes Match allows uploading music to your Match cloud.

Apple is competing with Google Play Music and the new limit should make it number 1 in the market of streaming and storing music files since Google Play offers 50,000 songs upload. At the same time, you don’t pay to use Google’s service and you have to pay $24.99 each year for using iTunes Match.


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