Thursday, July 23, 2015

Quick Clean Mac Guide to Remove Unnecessary Files

Users who like to take care of their Apple devices might need a good quick clean Mac guide to learn about interesting programs that can help to get rid of all extra files [Apple already launched OS X 10.10.5 beta and continues to work on its new El Capitan operating system]. There are always many unnecessary files that take space on your system and are not useful at all. You can clean them and leave your OS X machine in great shape.

We’ll tell you how to clean Mac. You should find a program similar to CleanMyMac that works with MacBook Pro and other Apple computers. Once you clean everything you will enjoy top speeds once again and fast speeds can only be achieved when your system is clean.

How to Clean MacBook Pro Quickly, Easily and Safely

Step 1. Download either CleanMyMac [it has a free version] or similar program for OS X cleaning.

Step 2. Scan your system. All programs should offer such an option in their menu.

Step 3. Wait till your computer is fully scanned.

Step 4. The program will show all the unnecessary items that can be removed [also learn how to hide Mac desktop without deleting anything].

Step 5. Select what files you don’t need [or choose all files] and choose to clean your OS X computer. It is better to remove all the large files that you don’t use as they take up more storage space and this way your machine is slowed down.

Step 6. Wait till everything is done and your system is cleaned.

Step 7. Continue using your Mac just as always. New files will be stored but you’ll be able to easily clean them once in a while and this way keep fast system speeds and high performance of your Apple machine.


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