Monday, July 6, 2015

Top iOS 9 Feature You Must Know About: Longer Battery Life

iOS 9 specs were officially unveiled at the WWDC 2015 event. Developers got a chance to glance inside the upcoming firmware version as well as some users who managed to install it through direct iOS 9 ipsw download links that don’t require dev’s account and registered UDID number.

What are the top iOS 9 features you must know about? The list of changes is pretty long so we won’t talk about all the options. It’s best to pay attention to the most important and unique iOS 9 options Apple will bring in 2015.

Firstly, the company promises to extend iOS 9 battery life. The ‘fruit’ giant adds a special mode to this platform that can preserve your battery by an hour or even a couple of hours. The iPhone maker has managed to improve the system and make it more efficient.

Somehow iOS 9 will be able to understand when the iPhone needs to save its battery life. For example, when the phone lays facedown on your table its display will not turn on. Besides, the special Low Power option that makes battery last longer. This mode will reduce your performance and disable a number of features but it guarantees the main result: your battery life will be extended up to three hours and you will be able to use your iPhone all this time.

Secondly, it should be possible to manually turn on the new iOS 9 Low Power mode by going to Settings and choosing Battery where you can turn on this upcoming feature.

Note that when you use this option your applications and mail will not be automatically updated and refreshed. The positive effect also has some negative impact on the smartphone. Your network speeds might be low, brightness could be reduced and other things might look not pleasant but everything is done only to save your power.


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