Saturday, August 29, 2015

China Telecom iPhone 6s Specs Descriptions

One of the alleged representative has reportedly confirmed a number of China Telecom iPhone 6s specs ahead of the device's unveiling on September media event. China Telecom is one of Apple’s official strategic partners in the Chinese market. And its unnamed rep said that the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus would be launched sometime between September 18 and September 25 — in China, and will feature Apple’s new A9 processor, 2GB of RAM and improved rear camera module that should see it bumped up to a 16-megapixel shooter. Consumers can also look forward to the inclusion of Force Touch.

September 18 is a launch date we’ve heard a number of times before, while these specifications have been reported countless times as well. The representative has also cast doubts on whether or not Apple will actually introduce a new color option. Apple is expected to add a pink color option to its iPhone lineup this year, but this source says that there is no sign of this model.

As is usually the case with leaks of this nature, the as-yet-unnamed source leveraged the power and reach of social media to spread the good word on Apple’s next-generation iPhone.

To make an conclusion, we can say that there’s no confirmed information about the abovementioned facts. Many potential purchasers of the next smartphones will be pleased to know that the technical China Telecom iPhone 6s specs descriptions will become real. What they won’t be glad to hear, is that the alleged China Telecom rep has cast doubts about the existence of a pink/rose gold colored iPhone 6s or 6s Plus. Here’s no proved evidence to say that person making these suggestions really is a China Telecom representative. It seems highly unlikely that Cupertino company would be sharing these special details with carriers ahead of its iPhone announcement.

So while the release date makes sounds and the specifications sound believable, you shouldn’t rely on them until they are proved by Apple company.


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