Sunday, August 9, 2015

How To Install OS X El Capitan Features On Yosemite

If you want to install OS X El Capitan features on Yosemite here is how to do it. With recently received update OS X 10.11 El Capitan that goes live later this year just like the iOS and watchOS updates do, is currently in the hands of developers for testing.

As always though, there are ways and means of getting hold of it yourself, but there are easier ways of getting at least some of the new features that El Capitan brings with it.

If you have no desire to scurry around for the developer release of El Capitan, or simply don’t like the idea of running early beta software especially if you don’t have a dedicated test machine to try it on, then sticking with the tried and tested Yosemite is the best way to go. So here are few tips on how to install OS X El Capitan features on Yosemite without any of the potential pain.

The first tip is to download OS X 10.11 El Capitan Wallpaper

This is the easiest way, and will take just a few clicks. You might not be able to do anything new, but your
Mac will at least look brand new.

The second tip is to download and install San Francisco Font.

Doing so is a case of moving some files into the right location on your Mac. You can download the official San Francisco font from Apple.

The next tips is get Window Snapping

Utilize BetterSnapTool to get the window Snapping goodness that El Capitan promises, but on the Yosemite machine you already have set up. You can download BetterSnapTool directly from the Mac App Store or via this direct link and it will have to pay just $1.99.

The fourth tip is Boost Spotlight Search

All you need to do is to install Flashlight because it gives Spotlight a boost. Use natural language to set appointments and more, just like with El Capitan. You can download Flashlight by heading over to this URL: and it’s totally free.

The last tip is to get Safari features from El Capitan

Get pinned tabs, the ability to mute audio in tabs and AirPlay Video (Not AirPlay Mirroring) features by using a combination of good old Google Chrome for the first two and Beamer for AirPlay Video. Beamer gives you ability to AirPlay any video file from anywhere on Mac (not just Safari like on El Capitan) to an Apple TV.

You can go ahead and grab Beamer from here:

So by using these five tips you can install OS X EL Capitan features on Yosemite without ever needing to using a beta release.


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