Tuesday, August 4, 2015

How To Mask Apple Music On iPhone and Mac

Here is tutorial oh how to mask Apple Music on iPhone temporarily. So try to follow steps provided below. Before start note that disabling Apple Music won’t erase songs that were downloaded for offline listening, but as long as iCloud Music Library is turned on.

iCloud Music Library stores your music and playlists in iCloud so you can get the access to them from any device.

How To Mask Apple Music On iPhone

Step 1: First on your iPhone launch the Settings app.

Step 2: Then go to the Music section as shown on the picture below.

Step 3: Then, move the Show Apple Music switch to the OFF position.

How to hide Apple Music on desktop iTunes

Step 1: Launch iTunes on your Windows PC or Mac.

Step 2: Pick Preferences in the iTunes menu on your Mac, or choose Edit > Preferences on a PC.

Step 3: Tap the General tab option  and also untick the box labeled “Show Apple Music”, as shown on the picture below.

Please keep in mind that if you will hide Apple Music on your desktop it will automatically disable iCloud Music Library. In its turn, it will delete all Apple Music songs from your computer, also those that you have downloaded for offline listening.

You maybe be interested in what happens after you will mask Apple Music?

As you understood removing Apple Music changes your music listening experience and brings back the old way of navigating your music library in the Music app. So let's learn what happens after you disable Apple Music on your iPhone.

1. Offline songs remain in your iOS music library

When you hide Apple Music, songs you previously downloaded for offline listening will remain in the music library on your iPhone. Should you also disable iCloud Music Library, offline tracks and Apple Music songs will get erased from the device, freeing up storage space.

2. For You, New and My Music tabs will be removed

Some iPhone users will want to disable Apple Music just to use old tabs again. With Apple Music enabled, the Music app replaces some of the old tabs with the four new buttons like For You, New, Connect and My Music.

3. Apple Music will disappear from search.

With Apple Music enabled, the two buttons right below the Music app’s search field let you narrow the search scope to Apple Music and My Music. Masking Apple Music will also erase the Apple Music button from search and replace it with Radio.

Now you know how to how to mask Apple Music on iPhone and all off advantages and disadvantages of doing that.


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