Saturday, August 15, 2015

iOS 9 Beta 5 AT&T WiFi Calling Is Available For Testers

iOS 9 beta 5 AT&T WiFi Calling option from Tuesday began rolling out by the company to some iPhone users running the fifth beta. The feature was added when that beta was launched to developers last week, but testers on the AT&T network are only just now able to activate it on their devices.

For those Apple fans who unfamiliar with Wi-Fi calling, it lets iPhone users place phone calls over Wi-Fi like Sprint instead of using their cellular network. This feature, which is exclusive to the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, allows users to place cellular calls over a Wi-Fi network in situations where they have a poor cell signal. The new feature was first activated for T-Mobile in iOS 8, and users have reported better call quality and improved battery life.

If you are an AT&T customer, with an iPhone running the latest beta of iOS 9, you can activate Wi-Fi calling navigating to Settings > Phone > Wi-Fi Calls. Once in there the only option will be to enable the iOS 9 beta 5 AT&T WiFi Calling feature. Then a setup screen will pop up with information and warnings regarding the new feature. Once that’s done the on-screen instructions will guide the user through the setup process — as long as they live in a region where AT&T is testing the upcoming feature.

The rollout appears to be staggered, so if you have AT&T and aren’t seeing it yet, there’s a chance it could come at a later time. AT&T refers to the WiFi Calling iPhone feature as trial, though, so it’s also possible that it may not work for you until it becomes publicly available. AT&T and Apple wouldn’t comment, but we’ve confirmed with someone familiar with the matter that Wi-Fi Calling is currently only rolling out in a limited number of regions. Support in additional areas is expected very soon.

iOS 9 is expected to officially launch within the next few months.


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