Sunday, August 16, 2015

iPad Mini 4 iOS 9 Split View Feature Implementation

According to recent reports files within OS X El Capitan indicate the iPad mini 4 iOS 9 Split View multitasking feature, suggesting its internal specs will be on par with the iPad Air 2.A resource file discovered by developer Hamza Sood in OS X El Capitan that depicts an iPad mini with two apps running side-by-side, which is how the Split View feature works.

iOS 9 Split View shows two apps at once and is a true multitasking feature. You can use both apps independently, they are fully functional, with each taking up half the screen. Currently, these iOS 9 iPad multitasking features are only compatible with Apple’s stock iOS apps.

Responsive design mode, which gives developers a way to test different layouts in Safari 9, also lets developers simulate a Split View layout on an iPad mini 3. The iPad mini 3 does not feature iOS 9 Split View, offering further proof that the iPad mini 4 is likely to be the tablet that uses Split View multitasking option.

iOS 9 probides multitasking for the iPad, but while two of the features, Slide Over and Picture-in-Picture, are available on the iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 2, and iPad mini 3, the true Split View multitasking feature is only available on the iPad Air 2 as it has 2GB of RAM and a robust A8X processor.

According to above mentioned info, the upcoming iPad mini 4 will need to have internal specs that match or exceed those of the iPad Air 2 to support Split View.

The sources indicates that the upcoming device will include Apple's A8X processor or the A9 processor that's being used in its 2015 iOS devices, with 2GB of RAM also being a strong possibility.

It is expected that Apple will announce the new table with iPad mini 4 iOS 9 Split View feature, alongside a new Air and possibly the long-rumored 12.9-inch iPad Pro, at a event on Wednesday, September 9.


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