Friday, August 14, 2015

iPhone 6s Negative Growth Sale Problem Reasons

A KGI securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicts that Apple company may face with iPhone 6s negative growth sale or even zero along with other Apple product iPhone 6s Plus in Q4, 2015.

The analyst states that two of the biggest reasons that will contribute towards the sales of new iPhones stalling or declining are a slowdown in sales in China and public’s disappointment over Force Touch being a flagship feature of iPhones this year.

The analyst also believes that with so expected Force Touch technology iPhone implementation Apple company has failed to convince the public that this is a useful feature with the Apple Watch and recent MacBooks. And unfortunately Force Touch on the Apple Watch and the new MacBooks have not really impressed the public, so it is likely that its inclusion as the biggest selling point for the new iPhones will not attract many consumers.

As a result, KGI forecasts Apple's holiday iPhone sales to fall between 65 million and 75 million. Apple sold 74.5 million iPhones in the same period last year, its best tally in history.

The report further goes on to state that Cupertino company has already reduced the manufacturing orders of the iPhone 6s by 1 percent, which further adds credence to the analyst’s estimates.

It was just two days ago a leak was seeded with detailes on how Force Touch will work on the new iPhones. Compared to the Apple Watch and the new MacBooks, Force Touch on the new iPhones will work in a completely different way. It will act more as a shortcut to skip certain functions, rather than display more shortcuts like it does on the Apple Watch. In conclusion we can say that iPhone 6s negative growth sale may will not turn to be truth and Force Touch feature can a key feature.

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