Sunday, September 27, 2015

3D Touch Mimic Tweak For iPhone And Older iOS Devices

Called Force Touch Activator a new 3D touch mimic tweak for jailbroken iPhone was recently launched on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. It allows users with older devices running iOS 8 to simulate the 3D Touch feature that was unveiled with new generation iPhones.

3D Touch is new features provides quick shortcuts and actions based on the level of pressure you apply on the device’s display.

Obviously this new feature is limited to only recently launched iPhones as they are equipped with capacitive sensors that is built into the Retina HD display backlit. Older hardware, like in the iPhone 6 or iPhone 5s devices, lacks the pressure sensitive screen. The task of this jailbreak tweak developers was to find unique way to bring similar functionality to older devices.

Obviously this 3D touch tweak for iOS 8 and older iPhones doesn’t really enable your device to detect the level of pressure but it use an alternative way. It works by sensing the change in radius of your finger when pressing the displays. When you tap lightly, a smaller area of your finger touches the screen. When you perform a firmer press on the display, more of your finger is touching the display, which Force Touch Activator is able to sense.

Once installed Force Touch Activator, you’ll need to launch the Settings app and configure an Activator action to mate with the “Force Touch” gesture. Once you do, you can invoke your action from anywhere on the screen using a simulated 3D Touch.

Here is worth to say that currently Force Touch Activator allows users to do only a single Activator gesture. But is expected that this 3D touch mimic tweak for iPhone will be extended to support other actions incliding pressing on app icons to invoke a quick shortcut.

If you are interested in trying this tweak out then you can grab Force Touch Activator on Cydia’s BigBoss repo for free of charge.


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