Monday, September 21, 2015

How To Fix iOS 9 Slide To Upgrade Issue On Affected iDevice

Here is iOS 9 Slide to Upgrade fix for those users who have encounters with this issue when upgrading to the Apple's latest mobile operating system update. Except few problems such as such as the “Software Update failed” and “Update Requested” issues that users faced with the iOS 9 software update release there is another one. According to some users reports, they got stuck at the “Slide to Upgrade screen” while updating their iDevices to iOS 9.

The frustrated users reported that after experiencing this type of problem their iDevices became entirely unresponsive. As you might expect, when a problem exists there is generally a method to fix it, and in this case, the fix appears to be a restore from an iTunes backup.

How To Fix iOS 9 Slide to Upgrade Issue 

Step 1: First connect your affected iDevice to PC or Mac using the provided cable and open the latest version of iTunes. If you do not have iTunes installed, download and install the latest version for Windows or Mac using this direct link.

Step 2: Using the interface of iTunes, pick your iDevice from the connected hardware list. If the device is undetectable due to its installation state then it becomes necessary to force reboot the hardware by pressing and holding the Sleep/Wake and Home button together for around 10 seconds until you will see Apple logo on the display.

Step 3: If you have made an iTunes backup of your device before upgrading to iOS 9, restore your iDevice from that backup. In case not, you need to do a backup of your device in iTunes. After it is done, simply push the Restore Backup… button and locate the backup file to begin the restoration process.

Hope this fix for iOS 9 Slide to Upgrade issue will help you. Note that this method may not work if you’ve “Find my iPhone” turned off, as you will need to first disable this option to restore your iPhone using iTunes.

So if you took a backup of your iDevice via iTunes, then you will need to put your iDevice in recovery mode to restore it, and restore from that iTunes backup.


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