Thursday, October 8, 2015

How To Enable Nested Folders In iOS 9 Running Device

If you need help to create nested folders in iOS 9 on your iPhone then here is short and quick guide how to do it. With Apple’s latest iOS 9 releases, the glitch that lets users enable nested folders has returned. This gives you the possibility to place folders inside of other folders on the device's home screen. While bringing some problems such as Slide to Upgrade issue and increase mobile data consumption this returned feature are really welcomed.

How To Enable Nested Folders In iOS 9 

Note that while this trick is pretty simple, but you might try to do it few times before you get it right. Before you follow the steps below, please create the folders you want to use on your device's home screen.

Step 1: Ensure that you have a folder at the top of your iPhone or iPad’s screen.

Step 2: Click and hold on the folder that you want to nest. Don’t let go.

Step 3: Start repeatedly clicking the area between your target folder and the status bar. It may take a few taps, but eventually the target folder will open.

Step 4: Now drag the folder you want to nest into the newly opened target folder.

Before the second folder moves onto a different page, the first folder should open up, allowing you to place the second folder inside it. Again, it can take a few attempts, but don't give up as it does work.
You can watch the video to see how to create iOS 9 nested folders process works:

It is better to put your primary folder in the top right corner as it provides successful result. It’s really great that users find such handy glitches inside installed iOS 9. But note that if you restart your iOS device, all created nested folders will return to the home screen, and you’ll have to perform all the above described process again. 


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