Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Review Of The Reason Not To Buy Used TMobile Phones

In this post we are going to discuss the reason not to buy used TMobile phones. Buying and selling used phones is big business these days. As you know people across the globe purchase used iPhones, smartphones, and tablets from private sellers, whether it be on eBay, Amazon, etc. The key reason is the price, as brand new mobile devices can cost considerable amount of money. Also there is another problem and it deals with used TMobile devices and their financing option for mobile devices.

Disadvantages Of Buying Used TMobile Phone

You want to get used iPhone. First thing you do is search a used T-Mobile phone in the internet. Great, you found one. The seller assures you that the iPhone is clear for activation. You ask for the IMEI and check that IMEI with TMobile to make sure that there’s no blocks. You get the results from TMobile that there are no blocks on that line. This is the sign that you can purchase this phone. Ok, iPhone is in your hands. And from that moment you get into big trouble.

You can even suspect that the iPhone you have bought possibly was being financed by the TMobile customer and that seller may have paid their carrier bill but after sold the device he decided to stop paying it. So one day iPhone stops receiving signal for unintelligible reason. What is going on?

Well that person who sold you the phone eventually caught TMobile’s attention and because T-Mobile wasn’t able to get the full payment for the remaining amount due on the phone, they block the IMEI and the device is now a paperweight.

You begin to panic, as the check that you used was wrong. But the clue is in TMobile’s unique approach to IMEI checking. The check you paid for was right and there were no blocks. But what TMobile didn’t tell you is that the iPhone was being financed, as they aren’t allowed to. The reason for this is because they have to pull up that customer’s account in order to check if the phone is being financed. Even worse is you would think that they can at least tell you if the iPhone is still active on an their account before you purchase it but you can’t even do that as TMobile won’t allow that details to be revealed.

TMobile company advice people to avoid buying used TMobile devices from sellers unless they can prove their account is paid in full. But it is almost impossible, especially using online service.

However, even if you have locked and financed T-Mobile iPhone 5S, 5C, 5 you can still unlock
it with online service you can trust! Also here is a service for T-Mobile iPhone 6, 6 Plus. Even iPhone 6S will have unlocking solution soon.

Happily, another three US carriers as AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint have different system. Each of these carriers will tell you if the IMEI or ESN is active on an account by simply making a call to them. If iPhone is released off the account and also not reported as lost or stolen, you can be sure that you won’t have any problems activating this device on a new line and that your lose service because the past owner stopped paying their bill, like on TMobile.

This was short review of the reason not to buy used TMobile phones. This issue creates a big disadvantage for TMobile users looking to purchase or sell used iPhones and tablets.

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